Friday, May 6, 2011

.....and no one had the common courtesy to ask if they could buy me a hot tub

So I am writing this blog because my adoring fans (one pat burkey) wanted another post.
So the other day I was watching swamp people and I saw a couple of my family members on the show. I saw my mom and my dad (troy and his deckhand) in this episode troy makes fun of his deckhand (I don’t remember her name) because she’s wearing crocks and he doesn’t think they are hunting shoes. Then she slips on the pile of gators and breaks her ankle. Classic mom and dad.
Then there were two brothers on the show that made my uncles look like the classiest country brothers around like Iowan Kennedys. These guys went hunting for rabbits because they don’t like grocery store food they like the taste of the swamp. Like snakes, rabbits, turtles etc. they also looked like they were super into hardcore rock 20 years ago and haven’t showered since.
So I thought the bug I planted in the location of the man’s meeting was broken and when I went to go check it was defiantly working….. So I think they changed the location of the man’s meeting…. Shucks I was learning so much. Now I’m in the dark. I don’t know why all the men are so crazy. They are totally not acting like themselves. Like they are all super girl crazy. Like they all used to be like all about babes, cars, their buddies, booze but now they are all about finding a girlfriend etc. I don’t get it. An older lady at my work said it’s because we’re getting to the age where guys realize they need to grow up and settle down. I think it’s because its spring and for all intensive purposes mating season. But I was using that theory for winter also…………. Maybe they just figured out that’s the only way the only way they will get regular sex and food. Intresting……………..

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