Friday, May 20, 2011

Im not ok..... Trust me.

So last night I went to fast five with “stalker” because “doucher” didn’t want to go. The movie was kinda lame. It was all about getting money for Paul Walkers baby. I thought that the fast five was supposed to be about cars and racing, not settling down and having babies. I was kinda disappointed. But super glad I didn’t go with “doucher” that would have been an awkward date. And his greatest fear is unplanned babies. No joke.  So I was glad we didn’t go together.
Today I have the day off. But no ideas on what to do yet. I should probably go to the gym and kill myself a bit then work on my pre- summer tan. But I will probably end up sleeping all day. I’m lazy.
The only good thing about yesterday is I got new shoes.
Right now I’m watching the movie Loser which makes me wish I was born before the 90’s so I could actually enjoy them.
Also last night I bit my tongue at dinner. Before that at lunch I spilled my water all over myself and the floor then fell out of my chair. Looks like my bad luck is still on a roll. And the situation at work is still ongoing……..

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