Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summer break is already boring

So now that its summer and I’m out of school, I’m pretty bored. There’s not really anything to do. There’s nothing on TV. Though tomorrow I will be sleeping ALL day because I will be working overnight Wednesday.  Tomorrow will also be my first night of 5k practice. I have a feeling that someone is going to barf. But that’s what I need. Someone to kick my ass. Because we all know I love myself too much to push myself. Also I need to find someone to work for me or switch shifts with me Thursday because I took a shift not knowing I was working overnight the night before. I know smart.
I did go to the zoo yesterday but there were lots of little kids who didn’t understand personal space and mothers who tried to run over you with their strollers. My friend said I should have worn a hoola hoop.
I think I need to go and find a hobby or make some of the recipes I have not had time to make. Something to make me un-bored.

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