Sunday, May 22, 2011

Problem Child / Hot Mess

Soooo….. I got into another fight at work today. I will probably have to go to another chat with the manager. I just can’t stand the dumbasses at my work. Kohl’s used to be such a classy place before they started hiring meth heads and possible child molesters. There’s one guy who looks like a stray dog!!!!!! And he announces when he has to go to the bathroom. How charming.
I actually went to zorinsky today with my running club friend and I need practice! I was super out of breath and kept falling behind. I blame allergies.
I actually have 2 days off this week!!!!! This means less money, but more fun and time for shenanigans! Only plans so far are getting my hair done. It’s getting out of control.
So I think that I’m getting my crazy girl sprit back. And I’m craving a margarita.
                                                                        That is all.

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