Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A fix wont ever get you well.....

Today I have to work a majority of the day with my friend that I’m fighting with. It should be interesting.  I’m not very excited to work at all let alone with that mess and, the mess that the customers are going to leave.
My running is going kind of bad. I went to the lake yesterday to practice and I didn’t even run or bring my dog. I just walked. But later in the day I went to the gym with my friends and had a good time. Though they only work out for a little bit. It was fun. Then they asked me if I wanted to go into the sauna with them so I went. If you want a new perspective in life go work out then, sit in the sauna for 20 minutes. I have never felt so happy to be alive when I left. My head was sweating so bad I was wiping it on my pants. And the graphic on my shirt was like 1 million degrees. But it was so worth it.
I started working on my Russian last night. The words are really hard to say because they have a lot of complex sounds in one word. AND THE WORDS DON’T SOUND LIKE THEY LOOK!!!! I learned a bunch last night but I feel like I forgot. But each new chapter reviews the last. So hopefully it works out.
I still haven’t gotten my belly button pierced. My lack of abs situation gets better every day but how do you approach a tattoo shop about this kind of thing. Just go in? like a walk-in haircut? Idk I need to decide what I’m doing soon.
And finally boy problems: my stalker has finally quit stalking me. I started to stalk him back and I think he got tired of me. J and I still miss “doucher” because I’m sick in the head. THE END.

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