Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I seriously thought about bribing the teacher............

It is finals week!!!!
I had two finals today chem. and trig. Chem. went off without a hitch except for running out of time. And I was so unprepared with trig I contemplated selling my trig books and taking the money and bribing the teacher – to at least pass me. I got this idea by selling the books I promised my ex-bf. (Convinced myself to do it by telling myself they wouldn’t be using the same books) I plan to save the money so I don’t waste it.
Since the semester is ending I bet you’re asking yourself what I am going to do with my summer. 1 acronym GTA: GYM TAN AVOID-drama/ ABTAIN cash. Pretty explanatory.
And now to the part of my blog where we talk about what my friends are trying to peer pressure me to do this week!!!!!!!
                -they want me to get my belly button pierced despite my lack of abs
                                -idk if they’re trying to be nice, or it’s a cruel joke. You decide.

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  1. I don't know anything about belly button piercings but I have to wonder why your friends would want you to have a belly button piercing... what do they gain from it?